The Compendium Key of Magick & Miraculum

The Compendium Key of Magick & Miraculum


Paperback Book

Our new handbook is designed to help you get started in learning how to do real Magick. The Compendium Key to Magick and Miraculum covers all of the basics of magick in a easy to comprehend way. 

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This handbook sheds light onto the main false ideologies that you will normally encounter along the path to Truth. It shows the big picture of how the Universe and Consciousness is mapped out, and how to engage the worlds and dimensions within it. It teaches you how to use the Tarot and get acquainted with Astrology, Numerology, the Qabalah and Qlipoth. The Compendium also teaches you all you need to know in order to start working, speaking with and seeing spirits- and gives you the fundamental basics as to how you can put them to work for you!

This book will teach you how to upgrade your software (Mind), your hardware (Body), and your spirit (Operating System); so that you can master your existence and live a purposeful life in line with your soul's destiny!

This paperback book is written, hand-bound, self published, and signed by Jadelin Kuencer and Paul Hanson.