Master Magical Marketing Package

Master Magical Marketing Package


Magical Marketing Master Package:

We build your website and train you how to use it and teach you social media marketing! Includes a photoshoot and everything you need to jump start your business and thrive in the digital world!

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Magical Marketing Basic Package:

We build your website and train you how to use it and social media marketing!


• Website built on Squarespace*
• Custom Business Logo
• Images
- Graphic designs
-.png & .jpeg images for background

• PNG banner(s) for website & social media page(s)
• Professional Studio Photoshoot
- Photographer will come to your location to take photographs of your Business Location, Sample photos of your product & services, and of you doing what you do!
- High Resolution Portfolio-Style Headshots you, the Business Owner, and your associates (if applicable)

• Lifetime of Personal Training includes:
- Tutorial on maintenance and upkeep of website & social media pages
- One-on-one training on how to build & maintain a social media presence
- How to build traffic, likes and followings to your online platforms
- How to maximize the effectiveness of sponsored Adspace on Facebook & Instagram
- How to start a crowdfunding campaign
- How to build, start, and launch a YouTube Channel 

- How to use ancient symbolism and geometry to attract customers and give you the advantage

- How to think, act, use body language, and speak in front large audiences and the camera. 

*Does Not Include activation nor monthly fee for Squarespace Account