In Person Tarot & Numerology Reading

In Person Tarot & Numerology Reading


This is a in person Tarot and Numerology reading for 1 hour.

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Please contact us before purchasing to make sure we are in your area and are available to meet with you. Since we are usually traveling we can schedule a time and date with you when we are passing through near you.

Get a REAL Tarot reading from one of us! The Universe speaks through the Tarot and always tells you exactly what you need to hear! Our readings are completely accurate and you'll be transformed and given the self confidence and assurance you need right now in your journey! We always tell you the truth how ever difficult it may be, and we always give you the solutions and tools to fix any situation in your life! You will be refreshed and powerful enough to tackle anything that comes your way! If you are trying to find your purpose and direction in life, you've come to the right place! 

This includes a 1 hour reading with one of us in person. We will email you to schedule your reading at a time convenient for you.