In Person B-Earth Cycle Chart

In Person B-Earth Cycle Chart


This is a in person B-Earth Cycle Chart reading for 1 hour.

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Please contact us before purchasing to make sure we are in your area and are available to meet with you. Since we are usually traveling we can schedule a time and date with you when we are passing through near you.

Personal, unique, and one-of-a-kind B-Earth Cycle & Astrology Reading in person! 

 These intricate readings map out the Universe, positioning the celestial bodies from the stars, zodiacal houses and planets during your time of birth, or what we like to call be-earth (you’re physical union on this planet)! We combine Jyotish, Western, Chinese and Mayan Astrology with numerology to give you an in-depth reading of who you are, what your purpose is, your soul’s mission in this lifetime and much more! This compelling information will notably help you in various facets of your life, including achieving your dreams, desires, and pursuit in all your endeavors! 

 Each reading comes with a spectacular visual map, of your choice, in a digital file, 8x10 high glossy Photograph or Canvas to proudly be displayed.