What Is Cancer And How To Live A Cancer Free Life!

 Candida Overgrowth is Cancer. This is the best and most effective remedy / medicine for it. All others including western medicine are only temporary fixes and the Cancer will eventually come back. Recipe: One "TEASPOON" of Organic Turpentine with two "tablespoons" of coconut oil mixed in a glass. Drink before bed for 7 days if you have a normal candida problem. If you have a really bad candida problem do it for 14 days. This prevents a liver and kidney overload from "candida die off", which sucks because it is similar to getting hives. There are many toxins in Candida and if your liver gets overloaded trying to remove it from your body, then your skin will begin releasing it through your pores. The Turpentine flushes it all right out along with any other parasites that may be hiding in your gut. You must also stop eating sugars of any kind except for fruit. Not even sugars made from fruit, the process that the fruit under goes when you make sugar from it kills all life within it and changes energy and chemical makeup of the sugar. Dried fruit can only be eaten occasionally too. You also cannot ever eat carbohydrates again except in small quantities from high protein grains like Quinoa or Corn. No more rice, potatoes, breadfruit, or wheat. You cannot eat meat of any kind because it sits and rots in the gut giving candida the perfect acidic environment to cultivate in. Not to mention all of the parasites within meats and fish. Dairy as well causes your body to be acidic and it can also feed off of it. Also you can't ever drink alcohol or eat any yeast ever again. If you ever go back to your old way of eating again the Candida will come back. The only way to fix a candida problem which everyone has (most people have no idea until things start going wrong) is with a complete and permanent diet overhaul. Your diet should for the most part consist of fresh vegetables, fruits, beans, seeds, and nuts, with the occasional high protein grain. Also eating or drinking some form of pro-biotic will heal the stomach and balance it as well as raw blended up cabbage. It may seem daunting right now, but once you rebalance your candida by removing it from the rest of the body except for the stomach; you will no longer crave anything but whats healthy for you. You will actually crave vegetables and fruits because the candida will no longer be influencing your brain and your gut. Yes Candida overgrowth will get into your brain and make you crave sugar, carbs, and other things that aren't good for you. Brain tumors are Candida overgrowth within the brain. Candida overgrowth at its worst is Cancer and Diabetes but is also the cause of most other health problems like Allergies. If you have any questions about where to research this, let me know and I will point you in the right direction.😁 This is the link to the brand I used and recommend to others: https://www.amazon.com/100-Pure.../dp/B00KE62DWS/ref=sr_1_2

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