Are you living in the NOW?

You can be NOW... but I am the FUTURE and I am the PAST! The first realization the newly awakened experience is living in the present. However this is an extreme swing from the opposite standpoint of always living in the past or future completely unaware of your awareness of the moment. The present is only an illusion created by your awareness and experience of the PAST / FUTURE. In essence the PRESENT is only YOUR observation of time. But if you really choose to create your reality by MAKING TIME as we call it; then you must become the PAST and FUTURE as well, which is really within you. Most people have this idea that the PAST and FUTURE are outside of them, OUTSIDE is an illusion. In actuality it is all in your head, you just have no idea how big our head is. When you meditate and "DIVE WITHIN".... are you really DIVING WITHIN? Or are you observing what you feel within you AND around you? You see IN and OUT are the same thing, there is no difference. The illusion is that you are only NOW, but you are TOMORROW and YESTERDAY too. The PAST and FUTURE are what gives you a SOUL in other words a sense of direction and PURPOSE. With out them you are only spirit floating about soulless, unaware of your destiny and unaware of your whole self in its entirety with no PURPOSE other than attempting to be happy as if that was the meaning of life. The meaning of life is not to be happy. The meaning of life is to MAKE YOURSELF and to KNOW YOURSELF. Anyone who isn't doing that isn't truly aware or awakened and is only dreaming that they are awake by deceiving them selves and creating a psychoneurosis false reality which will eventually come crashing down the longer it is ignored. So I disagree, I can work with the PAST going back for thousands of years. Each previous life gives me clues for the now and reveals more of my future. And my FUTURE SELF leaves me signs and omens and ALTERS my present moment according to my wishes because my will has merged with the will of the universe and I have become one with my MACRO-COSMIC SELF. That is the power of MAGICK.

Jadelin KuencerComment