Welcome To Our New Website!

It is just so fitting that when I happen to publish our first Blog post on our new website the time and date listed is Jun 12 at 12:33. And it just so happens that here I am wondering what I am to write about in our first blog on our new site. I very well can't just leave it empty If I am to launch it out for the world to see. So the universe is giving me a sign and I'm going to roll with it. Let's take a closer look and analyze this auspicious Date and Time 6/12 @ 12:33am. The numbers 6 (June), 3 (1+2), 3(1+2), and finally 33. If we reduce all the 3's we get a grand total of 666! That beautiful number that so often gets a bad rep from misinformed Christians. If only they new that the Bible was an astrological record of major celestial events. For instance the number 666 also known as the number of the Beast (Try not to be a little scarredy cat here) is merely a reference to the lunar eclipse Tetrads (Blood Moons) that occur once in a great while and are quite a beautiful phenomenon to behold when you see it. A Tetrad is a series of 4 lunar eclipses in a row and they occur, guess what... 6 months apart from each other. Giving us the number 666. The whole story around this number written in the bible associating it with some dreaded character you learn about in sunday school called "The Beast" is an astrological analogy that informs us of what was happening in the sky at the time of the Tetrads. The Houses of the Zodiac were often described by their characters and attributes rather than their official names, by ancient astrologers, sages and spiritual teachers for fear that their esoteric secrets would get into the hands of an uninitiated lunatic. In fact if I remember correctly, the number 666 according to the bible is the number of man. Odd that in our culture mankind has apparently slandered it's own number... Hahahah... How ironic. Well I'll leave the rest of this beautiful number's secrets for you to decipher on your own since I could teach a whole class on it which I'm not going to do here on this Blog. For those of you that are curious enough to undertake this study I will say this, this is probably the most note worthy number of human history and our future.