We Are 33


Paul Hanson and Jadelin Kuencer, the founders of We Are 33 and I Am 33, are twin flames, two parts of the same soul, with the objective to elevate and inspire humanity.


What We Do

We aim to give and teach others the tools to take charge of their lives and follow their dreams, passions and hearts' desires! Awakening consciousness through the spread of Hermetic Philosophy, magick and spiritual truth seeking- partaking in the Game of Life and aiding in the transformation process of the Universe. We believe every individual has the potential to live a life of their own creation and to break free from the machine-like, assembly-line living.

how we do it

We are artists, spiritual teachers and magicians spreading our talent, knowledge and love throughout the Universe- guiding others to awaken their God and Goddess within! This is achieved by giving men and women the power to change the world through belief in themselves, personal will power, and action. Above all, we strive to give the individual the keys to their own Divine communication with what we call Source, so that any individual that chooses may be her or his own guru, teacher and leader!


Because we believe in humanity, we believe we can make a difference, and we believe you can too... We believe in you.
— Paul Hanson